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Licensing Opportunities

Tytonis also offers the possibility to arrange licenses to interesting product opportunities. Due to the global presence of the Tytonis network members we can easily approach companies in all major economical territories. Besides contacting potential licensees we can also assist you in the preparation of market surveys and communication tools (non-confidential and confidential product factsheets). Please send an inquiry for more information through the Contact page.


Inhibiting pRANKL was found to effectively prevent metastasis from solid tumours caused by platelets. This mode of action would allow for synergistic combination with established chemotherapy to mitigate the risk of migration of malignant cells during the treatment course. Two recently filed patent families are offered for partnering or transfer by our client. For further information please download the non-confidential information.

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The offered products are not products of Tytonis or its associated network members. Therefore, Tytonis does not take any responsibility concerning commercial fitness or guarantees that the offered products do not infringe external patent rights. The decision to in-license the product is the sole responsibility of the licensor and should be based on proper diligence.